One Odd Encounter

Two teenagers bump into a deranged hobo. This arc introduces the first two main characters in the comic.

A Fight with the Creatures of the Night

This arc introduces Jack Orion, a mysterious tourist who interrogates Ben about his encounter with the deranged hobo after finding a mysterious drug in the latter's pocket.

Small Talk Explanations

Ben explains everything to Jack.

Let's Help Peri!

Ben meets Peri, a mysterious young lady.

Flesh Wounds

Jack is ambushed by another member of the Blue Eye Organization.

Demonic Awakening

Enjo is attacked by Amanda, a Blue Eye member who was working with Peri and Ashter.

Twisted Truth

Amanda sees the truth.

Together We Stand

Jack, Ben, Enjo and Amanda discuss everything that had just happened. They ultimately decide to team up in order to stop the Blue Eye Organization.

The Neo World Committee

This arc introduces Laura, Sorin, and his father Damien. All three of them work in the Neo World Committee, an organization whose goal is to give a helping hand on those who are unfortunate.

A Bus Drive to Pampanga

Amanda explains more about the Blue Eye Organization, only to be ambushed by a mysterious foe.

The Canadian Girl

With Jack, Ben, and Enjo knocked unconscious, Amanda must face against Sierra Maples, a girl who can produce smoke out of her arms, in a battle of life and death!

Short Rest

The party stops at a place to clean up and rest for a bit. Ben, on the other hand, has to look for food.

Training Session

Amanda trains Enjo on how to fight without his axe!

Crystal Clear

Ben is missing. Jack tries to search for him, only to encounter a room full of mysterious, yet slimy crystals. Will he be able to find him?


While the Party moves towards their destination in Pampanga, both the Blue Eye's Exiles and the Neo World Committee are discussing their plans.