view Reapeageddon's profile Schedule Change for 2022... For real this time!

posted by Reapeageddon on 20th Mar 2022, 10:53 AM

This time, we're finally going for that Tuesday/Thursday schedule I talked about in the last blog! I used to dread this schedule since I didn't have a buffer and having to cram new pages before the deadline made me suffer, but not anymore!


view Reapeageddon's profile Cast page added!

posted by Reapeageddon on 23rd Jan 2022, 11:47 PM

Great news, everyone! I now have a Cast page up and running! It only covers the main protags for now, but I'll add the members of the Blue Eye along the way.


view Reapeageddon's profile Schedule Change for 2022!

posted by Reapeageddon on 22nd Jan 2022, 6:46 PM

For this year, I'm going to upload two new pages every Saturday! However, I'm bringing back the thing where for every end of the chapter, I take a 1-week break.

Consider this me setting up plans for Ko-fis and Patreons maybe, where subs/patreons can see newer pages earlier!

Maybe once I stockpile enough pages, I'll change it to new pages every Tuesday and Thursday. Who knows?


view Reapeageddon's profile I'm going on a hiatus for December!

posted by Reapeageddon on 27th Nov 2021, 11:54 PM

Pretty much what the title says. I'll be using December as an opportunity to take a break for the holidays!

Man, 2021 was quite the fast year, huh? I was able to make 65 pages out of it :P

I might use this hiatus as an opportunity to make a Cast page... maybe. So, yeah! Thanks, everyone!


view Reapeageddon's profile THE NEXT BOSS -🍕TAKESHI SUZUKI🍕

posted by Reapeageddon on 22nd Oct 2021, 11:09 PM

Once a salaryman who spent most of his days in an office, he finds himself working in a job much more extreme than his old one back in Japan.

What's his Gimmick? Find out when he makes his debut!


view Reapeageddon's profile No new pages this week!

posted by Reapeageddon on 7th Oct 2021, 12:24 PM

I'll be spending this week working on the Halloween Crossover Exchange! My sincerest apologies!


view Reapeageddon's profile A new Ko-fi account!

posted by Reapeageddon on 4th Sep 2021, 5:46 PM

Think of it more like a tip jar, so if you support me and my comic, then go gimme a coffee if you can! I'd really appreciate it!


view Reapeageddon's profile Schedule Change: New pages every Saturday/Sunday!

posted by Reapeageddon on 3rd Sep 2021, 1:20 AM

Yep, you heard the blog title! We're going back to the original scheduling (except without Friday as a possibility). College started, and I'm also doing commissions. So my schedule's now pretty tight. The number of pages that'll be uploaded will vary, depending on how much time I have for the week. If I have enough time, I could probably even upload 5 pages like old times! So yeah, new schedule.

Also, I finally fixed the blog page! I feel proud of myself for this. I feel satisfied.



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